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TheImmortalWombat. Called to *What*, now?

Call to Power 2 is the nearly-finished sequel to the bastard sequel to the rightful sequel to the more original strategy game ever: Civilizationtm. Activision bought the rights to the name "Civilization" from MicroProse, made Civilization: Call to Power, and then had a big old legal wrangle that saw Firaxis come away with the rights to "Civilization". They then went on to make Civ3, and Activision dropped the "Civilization" and made Call to Power 2. Which they then abandoned after it nearly bankrupted them. They gave up making games, and became exclusively a publisher.

In my opinion, CtP2 could have been the best Civ-style game ever. Unfortunately, the game was rushed through development, and wasn't as good as it could have been if the programmers had another couple of months to work on it. Consequently, it was slated by Civvers everywhere. The AI sucked, the interface was utterly different from Civ, and some of the concepts were a little dubious. The enlightened (hehe) among us saw the unpolished potential of the game, and set about modding it to perfection. The one good thing about the game is the astounding level of moddability afforded us compared to (for instance) Civilization 2 and 3. And it is suspected that even that wasn't finished properly before release.

Thanks to SLIC, we can do all sorts of things in the game that would be impossible to achieve in any other Civ-type game. And thus I have stuck with it. Its not bad after a few years effort; and the journey was as fun as the destination will be.