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What is SLIC?
SLIC is a scripting language within Call to Power which enables the player to change aspects of the game to their own requirements. Which as explainations go, is fairly poor. Basically, it is a way to trigger events, reactions and messages based on things that happen in the game. The outcome of this is that CtP2 can be subtly altered in almost any way you wish, provided you can work out how to do it.

Working out how can prove quite a challenge in some instances. But if you are interested in finding out how SLIC operates, read my Beginners Guide to SLIC.

Files by Dale Kent, Martin Gühmann, and Andrej Damjanovic.

By Dale Kent (Dale)
Diplomod, CaptureCity script, Withdraw script and AirUnit script for improved gameplay and AI performance.

By Andrej Damjanovic (player1)
Scripts that give the AI some extra assistance.

By Martin Gühmann
Two scripts to give the AI some much-needed tile improvements, one stolen feature from Civ3, and one feature rescued from CtP1.

Installing SLIC scripts
Assuming you are not using any of the "big" mods: Cradle, MedMod, The Apolyton Pack, World At War:
  • Unzip the archive.
  • Place or ensure the .slc files are in the ctp2_data\default\gamedata\ folder, and any string files (anything with "_str.txt" at the end) are in the ctp2_data\english\gamedata\ folder.
  • Open ctp2_data\default\gamedata\script.slc in notepad (or other plain-text editor - not Word), and add to the bottom of it, the line "#include "filename.slc", replacing filename with the name of the .slc file.