Way Of
    The Wombat



Script by Player1

AI bonuses

pw_cheat.slc adds 5 gold and up to 20 public works per population point in an AI's civilization to each AI Civ per turn, giving the AI players a massive head-start in terms of gold and infrastructure, so they can focus resources elsewhere.

infras.slc corrects a bug that occurs when an AI player has built every building they can, and attempts to build Capitalisation or Infrastructure. The build queue stays empty. This script detects that, and simulates the effect that building either Capitalisation or Infrastructure would have: ie, more gold and public works..


IMPORTANT: If you install any of the above scripts then decide to play a saved game from BEFORE you did so, you must do the following after loading the saved game:
  1. Press the apostrophe key (')
  2. Type "/reloadslic" without the quote marks
  3. Press ENTER twice
This is only required the first time you load a saved game from BEFORE each script. If you save that game again or create a new game or scenario, you are not required to reload the SLIC.
WARNING: The above procedure may in a rare number of cases corrupt your save file meaning you cannot play it. There is no support for using the above.