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TheImmortalWombat. Called Away

Sites with Forums

Apolyton Civilisation Site: Giant Civilization site, with coverage of Civilization 1,2 and 3, SMAC, C:CtP, CtP2, as well as numerous open source Civ projects and other TBS games. As well as in-depth news and informative content, there are massive forums, large download sections, a chat room and much more.

CivFanatics: Easily the second-best Civ site out there, and probably the best Civ3 coverage on the web. No CtP/2 coverage though, except for one small forum. Much like Apolyton in other respects, though more focused.

Civilization Gaming Network (CGN): Forum-based Civ site, mostly for arranging Civ3 and SMAC MP games. A small friendly community though.

File Sites

ModMakers Depot: The part-time depository for all the random CtP2-ing junk that won't fit into Apolyton. Succession Game write-ups, MP tournament pages and a few downloads.

The Land of Hexagonia: Home of CtP/2's "Cradle of Civilization" mod. The most aggressive mod for CtP/2 yet. Also hosts many other mods that spilt over from Apolyton.

Martin Gühmann's website: Many downloads, including all of his modding work: Game and AI-improving SLIC scripts as well as Citymod and Goodmod, which are worth a look for additional graphics.

Online Documentation

Modification Docu: Activision's documentation on the modding of CtP2.

How Custom Strategies Work: Creating custom strategies, loading them into the game, and their effects.