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TheImmortalWombat. Document Collection

If you have any questions, problems or queries concerning these documents, either email the author, or post a message on the Apolyton forums, in the CtP2 Creation/Mods/Scenarios section. This will give you more chance of getting an answer promptly.

Misc. Modding  

Hexagonia's Modders Guide (PDF format):
A general introduction to modding CtP2, including a run down of the text files needed to customize the rules for you.

Graphics Readmes  

Non-animated Unit Sprite Making
Original explaination by Harlan Thompson. Contains the makespr.exe program for making unit sprites, and the readme for operating it.

Non-animated Unit Sprite Making
Further explaination and worked example by Tobias Teetz

Flics to Sprites
A brief set of guidelines for converting Civ3 Unit FLICs into CtP sprites.

AI Issues  

Notes on SLIC Diplomacy (rtf format)
Peter Triggs' notes on using SLIC as a tool in diplomatic alterations.

Design Notes for the "New" Diplomod (rtf format)
Peter Triggs' design notes for implementing greater intelligence for the AI in diplomatic dealings.

Conversations with Richard Myers (thread)
Explaination from an CtP2 programmer on how the AI works.

SLIC guides  

My Quick-Guide to SLIC (zipped text file)
Self explanatory. Online version here

Locutus' Ultimate Guide to SLIC (rtf format)
Great. Online version here