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CtP2 FAQ v3ish
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Last Update 15/3/2003

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Q08 What is the difference between players and civs?
Q20 What is the difference between gold an commerce?
Q21 Does trade help in the science development?
Q27 Why don't the numbers in the game add up?
Q28 How do I win the game with the Science Victory?

Q8: What is the difference between players and civs?

A8: Players are all civs + the Barbarians. Therefore if you set (#7) NumPlayers=29 you will play against 27 opponents as you play a civ.

Q20: What is the diference between gold and commerce?

A20: Commerce is a kind of resource that is harvest by the city as production and food. Once you have a input of this resource through your cities you can turn it into science or gold changing the percentage of commerce to science in the empire manager. The rest goes to the gold funds as you see in the top right corner of your screen. It is used to keep buildings, rush buy, diplomacy, etc.

Q21: Does trade help in the science development?

A21: No. The Trade does not gives commerce but gold. So it cannot be turned into science. It goes directly to the gold funds.

Q27: I compared the numbers in the city screen with the terrain and/or other values and the numbers don't add up, what am I missing?

A27: The formulas CtP2 uses to calculate certain values in the city or civ screens can be somewhat complex. The most important thing to realize is that in CtP2 all squares in the city radius are worked but they aren't always worked at 100% effiency. If you (in the unmodded game) have 3 citizens in the field, you will harvest 3/6 (= 1/2) of the resources of every tile in the city radius (presuming your city is smaller than size 7). So a plains tile (which normally gives 10 food) will in this case give you only 3/6 * 10 = 5 food. When your city radius grows your citizens will first try to work the inner circle at full efficiency and only once that's realized start working on the outer circle. For more details about this system, see
this thread.

Q28: I'm going for Science Victory and have built 10 Cores, 5 Obelisks and 10 Satellites already but I still haven't won. What am I doing wrong?

A28: As you can read in the readme for patch v1.1/v1.11, you need to cover at least 60% of the world with Obelisks (this includes ocean; you can build Obelisks on all tiles (land and water) controlled by you or your allies). Build more Obelisks and build them far enough apart to achieve this. You can also build more than 10 Satellites (maxium: 20) to increase the range of your Obelisks. You can use the Gaia Controller Screen to keep track of your coverage. Addendum: if you meet all the requirements for Gaia and still haven't won, make sure you are not playing a Bloodlust game (this can be set in the rules menu when starting a new game), as this can only be won by wiping all your opponents of the face of the planet.