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TheImmortalWombat. FAQed.

CtP2 FAQ v3ish
This is a forum project continually growing and expanding in this thread.
I will try to keep up to date, but please bear with me if I do not.
Last Update 15/3/2003

Table of Contents
Here's a table of contents for this FAQ. Note that it may not always be entirely up-to-date, so if you can't find the question/answer you need, check the bottom of the complete FAQ page as well, or the thread mentioned above.

Complete FAQ list

Q01 Help! I play against the same opponents every time.
Q02 Why can I load Tanks into Cargo Helicopters?
Q07 How can I play against more than 8 opponents?
Q33 Can a revolting city become a new civ instead of a Barbarian city?
Q37 Why are there no ruins (goody huts) in my games?
Q44 Why do I not get production points for disbanding units in a city?
Q53 Why can't I find userprofile.txt and/or servers.dat anywhere?
Q56 Why does the game freeze for a few minutes when playing "Cradle"?
Q60 Help! I can't unload units from stacks of 12 units.

Patch (and mods)
Q06 Why won't my savegame load?
Q09 What is the difference between the patch and a mod?
Q10 Will be there another patch by Activion?
Q24 Help! I get strange messages after installing the patch.
Q55 Help! The patch won't install.

Q03 What's with all the mods?
Q05 What is ModSwapper?
Q18 What do I need to play the CTP2 mods?
Q19 Are mods really needed?
Q30 Help! ModSwapper won't install.
Q30a Help! ModSwapper won't install. (Addendum for XP/NT)
Q31 I have a non-English version of the game and a problem with mods.
Q48 Where can I download/upload mods?
Q49 Where can I download MedMod?

Q04 What is SLIC?
Q16 Can TIs be modded so they can be placed outside my borders?
Q17 How can I continue playing after 2300?
Q39 How do I play on bigger/smaller/different maps?
Q51 Can Strategic Resources and Colonies (ala Civ3) be added to CtP2?
Q54 How do I change the colors of the civs?
Q59 How do I get sharper borders between climatic zones on the map?

Q08 What is the difference between players and civs?
Q20 What is the difference between gold an commerce?
Q21 Does trade help in the science development?
Q27 Why don't the numbers in the game add up?
Q28 How do I win the game with the Science Victory?

Q25 Is there a way to select the destination of newly captured slaves?
Q29 How can I rename my cities?
Q34 Why can't I get 60+ cities while the ranking talks of 500+ cities?
Q43 How can I see which of my cities are not producing anything?

Terrain Improvements
Q11 How can I place Tile Improvements?
Q12 What are Public Works?
Q13 Why I need PW?
Q14 Why is the PW system better than the settler/worker system?
Q15 Which TI(s) can be placed outside my borders?
Q41 Where can I change how the city radius is worked?
Q45 Can I place Tile Improvements inside other civs' borders?

Q22 How can I play PBEM/Hotseat games?
Q23 Why can't I enter the lobby and is there only one server available?
Q26 How do I prevent loosing human players after resynchs?
Q32 How do I play scenarios in a multiplayer game?
Q35 How do I minimize resychs in MP games?
Q36 What is the "Infinite Build Cheat"?
Q57 How can I set up my own MP server?
Q58 Help! I get a message that I should dial in but I'm using cable/xDSL.
Q63 Why does my Multiplayer save game sometimes get corrupted and crash?
Q64 When I reload in MP the game sometimes resynchs every turn, for a few turns.

Q40 Help! I lost some files of the game.
Q42 What is the relationship between CtP1/2 and Civ1/2/3?
Q46 How can I change the background music?
Q47 How do I prevent the skipping of music tracks?
Q50 Where can I find old CtP2-related news?
Q52 What cheats and easter eggs exist in CtP2?